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Rockin' rabbits so fresh and clean!

Even rabbits need grooming

Our staff is fully equipped and trained to bathe your precious, little rabbit if needed. We'll also clip your bunny's nails and keep them at a functional

length that is healthy and keeps your rabbit "hoppy."


We'll also be more than happy to perform a body check on your rabbit to ensure that its skin is free of lesions, mites, and infections. Should we spot

anything unusual, we'll notify you right away.


From dogs to cats, and even fuzzy ferrets too, Bathe'N Haven Pet Grooming is able to take on your largest pets to your smallest ones. Nail clipping,

hair trimming, and bathing are what we do best!


Get in touch with us today to set up an appointment or simply walk-in. We can't wait to primp and prime your furry family member.


Pet hygiene for all types of animals