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Doggy is gonna look dapper!

Reduce shedding and pet odor

Do you know that proper grooming of your dog will reduce hair on your furniture as well as offensive pet odors in your home? Not only will your fur baby

look and smell amazing, your home will too! Grooming also prevents matting of the fur, skin infections, and other avoidable disturbances.


Our groomers will perform a physical examination of your dog to look for fleas, ticks, ear mites, and skin problems. Should we find any, you'll be

notified immediately.


One of the great things about Bathe'N Haven Pet Grooming is that our services don't stop with canines. We provide professional pet grooming for

cats, rabbits, and ferrets.


Call our friendly staff today to schedule an appointment with our professional groomers. We also accept walk-ins for your convenience.

Grooming for all pets