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Keep your cat cool this summer!

Cats enjoy grooming too

Contrary to popular belief, cats do enjoy being groomed and having a bath from time to time. Yes, it's true they would rather do this treatment

themselves, but this causes them to swallow a lot of hair. After your kitty is wet and lathered up, it will begin to enjoy the spa treatment, we promise.


During the summer months, we provide a "lion's cut" to encourage your cat to stay cool when it's hot. This haircut leaves the fur long on the head,

tail, and legs, and short on the body.


Are you the proud owner of a brand new puppy, dog, ferret, or rabbit? Our trained and gentle staff can provide grooming services for any of these animals.


Get in touch with us today and schedule an appointment for your furry friend. We also accommodate walk-ins but know that appointments will be

attended to first.


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